A Question and some Interesting Facts that make USMMA Application Unique

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    Thought I would share the following that I ran across in the last few weeks:

    "USMMA seats for individual applicants from states are appointed to the academy in proportion to the state’s representation in Congress." For example, Pennsylvania has 10 seats available per class.

    "Each Senator, Representative, Delegate, and the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico may nominate 10 candidates to compete for admission to the academy."

    Source: http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL33213.pdf

    "A candidate does not have to reside in the same Congressional District as his/her nominator (a Member of the U.S. House of Representative CAN nominate a candidate who resides in a District other than their own, as long as it is in their (the nominator's) State/Territory.) This differs from nominations to the USMA, USNA, and USAFA."

    Source: USMMA website

    For the record, my DS and I are crawling the walls waiting for a nomination. He has a conditional LOA which we promptly sent to the MOCs but the wait is KILLING ME (he is focused on midterms and handling it slightly better than me).

    We did not know about the ability to seek a nom from any PA Representative until 2 weeks ago which was a definite oversight.

    We are assuming with a LOA that we should be able to catch a nomination.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but if there are only 10 Pennsylvania seats to the USMMA and each Senator and our Congressman can nominate 10 candidates (figure 30 total assuming no duplicates), why would an MOC not nominate a candidate with an LOA? There shouldn't be more than 10 LOAs on the street in Pennsylvania, right?

    Would appreciate any insights or feedback on the questions or the factoids.
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    My limited experience/knowledge. The formula also includes a national pool, because some states do not fulfill their application quota. You would think an early LOA, would certainly indicate a candidate worthy of a nom, but the two are separate processes.

    Most MOC have a strict process and timing by which they offer the nominations. Unlike "early acceptances", I don't believe the MOC's provide official nominations before the dates they publish.

    Finally, the nom requirement is just one more hurdle to get into KP. Assuming your DS had a good interview, and did everything else correctly, he is probably ok. Good luck!
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    You are correct AMF that most MOC do not send out a nom before their published dates...so needless to say, we were surprised when One of our Senators did in fact give my son his nom (12/20/13) before the published date on his website (Jan 14) and before what was indicated/stated by his academy director which was also Jan 14. We were even more surprised that we received the Fedex envelope from USMMA dated the same date as the Sen and Cong Nom.

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