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    I will be attending NMMI this fall as a sponsored prep from USMMA and I was wondering if im bringing a laptop to NMMI, does it need to be shipped there or can I bring it with me ?

    -Thanks, any help is much appreciated
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    My son will be a Falcon Scholar at NMMI this fall. According to the NMMI website FAQ:

    Q. Will I need a computer at NMMI?

    A. Yes. To ensure cadets are ready for the academic and technological challenges at the service academies, NMMI requires a computer and printer. You can bring your own (required capabilities can be found at http://www.nmmi.edu/is/specs.htm) or lease a laptop from the school. This is a special NMMI lease program available only to prep students. We recommend that you not purchase a new computer just to bring to NMMI because the service academies will require you to purchase one compatible with their systems. More information about the leasing program can be obtained from the Academy Prep Program personnel.

    Hope that helps.

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