A Sea Story

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    While I'm trying to get some sleep I hear a pipe go off from the 1MC. "Now a Go Fast has been spotted. Man your stations. This is not a drill." I grogily roll over in my rack. A few minutes later one of my classmates shakes me awake again. It's 0300 and we're chasing after a go-fast. I'm on my 3/c summer cruise on a High Endurance Cutter. The helicopter is deployed and both small boats are in pursuit of the go fast, as well as the cutter itself. After firing warning shots, the helo goes in for disabling shots. But the go fast knows it's coming and starts performing evasive manuevers. The helo can't shoot or it might kill one of the four men on board. The go fast swerves again, and one of the men fall off at 40+ knots into the water. One of the small boats performs search patterns but does not find him. The go fast gets away, but not how the planned it; It ends up beaching itself on the coast of a Carribean country. Even though we didn't seize the drugs, we prevented them from getting to their destination.
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    Good story. Thanks for posting!

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