A small taste of what to expect as an Alumni...


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Jun 8, 2006
Many of you have already experienced the sense of camraderie that exists between Service Academy Parents. Those who are currently Midshipmen or Cadets have their own sense based upon their current position.

However, only a small number of us here know what it's like AFTER graduation. To give you a small idea, let me tell you of a rather interesting story that happened to me just this afternoon....

I went down to my local Guitar Center in an attempt to buy my first guitar (I've decided to learn to play. Always wanted to.) Anyway, I walk into the guitar room and there is a guy there jamming away on an accoustic; quite well, if I may say so.

At one point I asked him how long he had been playing. We started talking and he mentioned that he had been in the Navy. You can imagine where the conversation immediately went (much to the chagrin of the salesman, I might add). Well, it turns out he is Class of 2001, USNA, and now doing his residency in preparation for becoming a Navy doctor.

In less than 10 minutes, not only did I have a fellow Alumni friend in town, but a guy who was going to teach me to play guitar, play golf, and hunt.

Find me any other type of school where that can happen as quickly; where an instant bond of friendship exists as soon as the academic pedigree is known.

For both the parents and the kids, but more importantly the kids, I say this: IT IS WORTH ALL THE PETTY BS YOU HAVE TO PUT UP WITH FOR FOUR YEARS.


Looking forward to meeting future Ringknockers. :thumb: