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    Hello everyone.
    I must apologize in advance because I did not intend for my post to be as long as it is :redface: . I put my "resume" at the bottom to get the main question out there.

    In addition to these SATs, I find it relevant to mention that I am scheduled for the ACT PLUS WRITING on June 11th.

    I was originally going to sign up for three subject tests (BIO, Math II, US History) but literally fell asleep on my computer screen during the sign up process on the first due date. In this "late" period I've considered different choices

    My first SAT yielded a 1970; 620 Reading, 670 Math, 680 Writing
    My second SAT scores are not out until the 26th. I feel strong about Math but am unsure about my writing. I didn't write a conclusion paragraph (I ran out of time on my first take as well but that was my best section) and think my reading was decent.
    My goals were 700s across the board, especially in Math but that didn't happen.

    Since I've seen here and a few other places that Subject tests do not matter greatly, I've contemplated just taking the SAT a third time to get my final score out there. There's always October but that is too far from now and getting too close to deadlines for my taste (contrary to my handling of this SAT signup). Then again, scoring 700+ on Bio and Math II could help to compensate somewhat for my performances in the classroom (see below).

    Looking at it either way these scores will have to be on the brighter side of what admissions will be looking at. It's just which scores will be brighter.

    So now I'm stuck on the final day of the late period wondering, which would be the best course of action would be. I come here to ask some who may be more experience in this whole process and greatly appreciate all input. And please be frank in all respects.

    I didn't fatally, but probably did badly damage my resume by getting multiple Cs this year. I had a 4.0 GPA up through my Sophmore year, will probably drop to a 3.6-3.8 by the end of my junior (this) year. (Three Cs for the first semester in English AP, Pre Calc, and Biology, Two Cs in Pre calc and English AP for the third term, looking at only one B out of any class for the fourth marking term)

    Cross Country and Golf This Year, Neither Varsity
    Cross Country will be Varsity Senior Year, Looking to Winter Track and possibly Spring Lacrosse, although the latter two will probably be irrelevant

    Ecology Club Soph-Senior, looking at president for Senior Year
    Student Council Frosh-Senior, iffy chance at President for Senior Year
    Academic Bowl Soph-Senior, Co-capt this year and Captain Senior Year
    Yearbook Soph-Senior, "Chief Editor" Senior Year
    National Honor Society Junior-Senior
    Spanish Honor Society Junior-Senior, Looking at President for Senior Year
    Science League Member

    Junior Schedule: US History AP, Computer Science AP, Phys Ed, Pre Calc Honors, English AP, Lunch, Biology AP, Spanish III

    Senior Schedule(tentative): Calculus AB AP, Statistics AP, Physics Honors, English AP, Spanish College Level - Honors, Engineering Honors, Phys Ed, Lunch (aiming to switch out lunch to a Science, won't know until June)
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    I would bet your SAT scores go up when you get your results on the 26th since it was your second time taking it. Taking the ACT in June is good--some people score better on that as its a different type of test. Plan ahead by checking on a late summer/early fall date to retake the ACT--again, just taking it a second time usually gives improvement in scores. Are you prepping at all for the ACT? Even if its just to be used to the type of question/wording/etc. its helpful.

    Concerning your grades, what happened this year? That is a big question you'll need to explain in your ALO interview (as well as probably MOC interviews). Its not so much your overall GPA, its the downward trend as you started taking AP classes. The AFA is tough and they want to see you can handle a rigorous course load.

    Your extra-curriculars look good, you've had some leadership positions (or will by next fall) and some consistency in participation. Concerning sports, are you dropping golf to do lacrosse? I won't say that lacrosse and winter track will be totally irrelevant, but skipping around from sport to sport and doing only 1 season isn't the best plan. Continuing with a sport, growing from JV to varsity, assuming a captain's role--all those are helpful. Your participation will probably be something that you'll have to explain in interviews, they don't want candidates to do something just to pad a resume. Make it meaningful.

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