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Jan 28, 2009
I got a LOA 2 weeks ago and was super excited. Everything has been cleared except for my nomination. I am supposed to contacted about my nomination within the next week. I'm pretty sure I should get it because of my LOA and a great interview, but was wondering what are the chances that someone that receives a Letter of Assurance and doesn't receive an appointment?? And if I don't receive the nomination, do I just try again next year?? What happens from there??
I finished my application for Air Force Academy online about 2 weeks ago and received the LOA a week later. I finished my nomination process a while back, at the end of November after my interview. My district is just way behind schedule and are wrapping everything up for Jan 31st deadline
I was in the same situation as you - LOA handed out early, nomination late, but my nom did eventually come. I think to receive an LOA it's almost a guarantee to get a nomination. Many people will get nominations, but few will be selected for the Academy. Since you're one of the few, it shouldn't be a problem for you competing for one of the "many" slots. Plus, with an LOA, you just need to be nominated - you don't need to be the ranked #1 of the ten your MOC nominates.
So don't worry. You'll get it. Don't start thinking negatively about what'll happen if you don't get nominated, since you pretty much have the highest chance of anyone in your state/district of being nominated.
Hope this makes you feel better:)