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    I'm kind of torn on the subject. As a parent now, I understand wanting the acknowledgment for DS/DD. As a highschooler going to USMA, I didn't care. As an Army officer, I understood that all of the accolades for a job well done should go to the troops and not me and that suited me the best. So this is just prepping them for the rest of their military career. Side note: I went to an IB school when IB was almost non-existent in the US in the 80s and out of the 100 that graduated we had kids going to Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cal Tech, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Northwestern etc.... so USMA didn't stand out at all.
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    I think thats fair. I think too few schools acknowledge kids joining the military.
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    Everyone filters this through their own lens. I understand the desire to have a son/daughter/ or the applicant recognized for obtaining an appointment to an SA and what it took to get there. However, I also understand the view that an academy is but a vehicle to a destination and there are many ways to arrive at that goal. It's the old story that goes "What do you call an NROTC graduate from State U., an ECP program grad, an OCS grad and a USNA grad on commissioning day?.....Ensign". Right. Why shouldn't they all be equally recognized for beginning that journey just because their departure points are different?

    My older son is a Marine MarSOC Raider and I have never made the distinction between what should and shouldn't be recognized just because one went to an SA and the other enlisted (and the SA one, I hasten to add, never, ever made a big deal out of it). That pedigree by itself won't make him a real officer by any stretch.

    I'm glad that here we're calling out ALL those who have chosen to serve in whatever capacity that is.
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    I agree about acknowledging all kids. My son wants the same recognition for everyone, including enlisted.

    I meant the valedictorian.