Academic Background System


Nov 27, 2016
A group message of accepted appointees has been trying to access the ABS since it opened (even though the log in information is in the PTR packet which we haven't received) and last night we figured it out. If you have accepted your appointment to the academy, you can access the ABS using your candidate number as the username and your birthdate (MMDDYYYY form) as the password. Have fun!
I'd caution against doing work in ABS before receiving the official guidance in your PTR package. For one, I'd hate to see anyone wasted their time with work completed on it if USNA is still getting the system (re)certified. They could be doing tests on the site, and once certified, wipe all data and say "you may start on a specific date" in your PTR package.

There are 78 days before I day. Enjoy your time with family and friends as much as you can. There is no benefit in getting the surveys and tests done early in ABS.