Academic Probation Period – College Program


Dec 21, 2016
Has anyone heard of a NROTC College Program which only provides for a first semester academic probationary period for first year/freshman participants?
My son went through NROTC but your question does not ring a bell.
Thanks for your input Sampia. Thoughts from others would be greatly appreciated.
I asked my son who commissioned this past spring. He did his freshman year in AFROTC then switched to NROTC-MO and he states he has never heard anything about a probationary period.

Maybe the Navy side of things is different, though.
My son's AROTC experience was never called "probation", but it could be applicable to your situation...He had attended his university for two years before he took a military LOA to enlist. His BCT and AIT ran for 16 months, so he returned too late to start the Fall semester. When he contacted ROTC to let them know he was interested in joining, they asked him if he could start in January as an uncontracted 200 cadet. There was another Reservist in the same situation. The school's reasoning for this "trial semester" was that they had already committed to sending far more 200 cadets to summer training than they had contract slots for 300's available the next Fall. This gave the school at least a semester to evaluate the two new soldiers. Both were contracted/enrolled in SMP before the Spring semester was over, and the cuts were made from others who needed to attend summer training. While it did add a semester to my son's program, it gave him the time to lower his course load over the 5 remaining semesters and raised his CGPA significantly...
PM NavyNola. He is a PMS and would have the best info on regs and experience with how dets handle things.
Thanks for the tip NavyHoops (NavyNola has provided me with excellent input). In the situation I am dealing with, a NROTC College Program only provides for a first semester academic probationary period for first year/freshman college programmers. The NROTC Unit told a college program freshman participant several days after the end of the first semester that they will be disenrollment from the program due to not having at least a 2.5 GPA at the end of their first semester. The participant is not a slacker, has nice PT outcomes, and was just a bit under a 2.5 GPA for the first semester. I am confident that the participant with have at least a GPA of 2.5 or higher by the end of their second semester/freshman year.