Academic Skills Defects

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by wrsfly47s, Jan 26, 2012.

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    One of my students who submitted his US Military Academy physical received a notice from DoDMERB stating that his medical examination had been reviewed and that he did not meet the medical standards for the US Military Academy for the following reasons: Academic Skills Defects

    I have never heard of such a medical standard before or seen this type of response.

    How do I find out more information so that we can apply for a waiver if appropriate? How do we address this issue?
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    My understanding is that certain conditions, i.e. ADHD, dyslexia, etc can be considered such a defect. There is a process to request a waver, and it is spelled out in the DoDMERB standards. You can find it online. Good luck.
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    I think this may be the result of a test where the cadet is asked to read from a text which has a bunch of words that taken in context make no sense. It is used to diagnose potential reading (dyslexia??) and/or speech (stammering/speech clarity) deficiencies.

    I believe my daughter stumbled on this test (trying to make sense of the non-sense) and receive the same kind of result. I'm not sure though as it may have just been a remedial. We contacted DoDMERB and she had the pleasure of retesting with Mr. Mullen (whose assistance here was legendary) who was able to close the issue. Unfortunately, he is no longer available to us here. I suggest you contact DoDMERB.

    To understand the issue as it was explained to us, a soldier must be able to effectively communicate verbally reading difficult to communicate orders loudly and clearly.

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