Academic Year Treatment


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May 20, 2007
Sorry if this has been asked already. What is life like after Swab Summer but before getting carry-on? Are 4/c treated like dirt the entire year or does it "cool down" a bit once the academic year starts? Any input is appreciated, thanks.
it definitely cools down after swab summer. the 2/c class will try and tell you that the academic year is harder because you have responsibility...blah blah blah. it is stressful just not in the way that the summer is. the 2/c stay on your case for the first few months and it is somewhat of a "hostile" environment, you'll get yelled at every so often (some more than others), but towards the end of the first semester things aren't too bad. the 4/c things do start to wear on you (bracing up, squaring meals, marching in section), but just put your head down and before you know it you'll be like me and just a few weeks away from getting carry on.

in short yes you do get treated like dirt all year, life is unfair, but just take it for what it is and it gets better.

most importantly you have to be able to laugh at yourself. most of the stuff is for show and if you take a lot of what they tell you to heart it can get to you.
It's a different kind of pressure. During Swab Summer it will be in your face. All of that pressure will be brought on by your Cadre. If you do what they say, you'll probably still do something wrong, but you'll be okay, just a little stressed out. During the school year, much of the pressure will come from the fact that many times your progress will be self-motivated. You will have ways to succeed and many ways to fail. Some people fall into a rut, some people make bad choices and some people will not make it. We're probably better off for that. In Swab Summer, do what you're told, during the year remember the Core Values and remember to maintain your honor.

If you're having too much fun during the year, the 2/c aren't doing their jobs. It is be a constant test in time management.
Thanks for the quick responses, you both answered my questions perfectly!