Academically Qualified Letter

Mindy G

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Jun 30, 2008
Hi today we got a letter stating that my 2013 hopeful was academically qualified. There was also a reference to not knowing about his DODMERB Status. Shouldn't the admissions board have this? I think the letter means that his file was reviewed and put back into the pile since his CFA was weak and he will be looked at again. He has received 2 MOC nominations to the Academy. He is close but not there yet. Any feedback is appreciated.
He can always take the CFA again. My daughter did. Can I ask when your sons application was complete? My daughters was complete on 10/28...really it was mid August but she was missing her BGO interview and we have not heard about her scholastic Q yet. Did the letter state that your son's CFA scores were weak? Congrats on his being scholastically Q'd. Thanks!
His application was completed by 10/15 I believe. DODMERB was done in August and all apps were completed at the same time MOC and USNA so whichever had the earliest dates. This is definitely a finger biting time. I thought that the nomination would be the snag. You never know, I am trying to keep a meant to be attitude. Thanks for the feedback.