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    I have been searching for more information on the Academy Experience Program held in the spring. Do you reach out to the Admissions and ask for an invite? I know that it is for those that have been accepted to the academy. Do parents go as well or is this something for them to figure out on their own? Thanks for any insight.
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    Hi MtJo. You are correct - AEP is designed for appointees and is offered 2-3 times in the spring. "Beansprouts" are paired with current cadets, ideally one that is in the same intended major or sport. It is 2 full days of activities and an overnight. Appointees experience cadet life in Chase Hall, attend classes, practices, Q&A with a cadet panel, and of course meet other members of their incoming class. Parents are welcomed and there are activities for them (lunch/tour), but they do not stay overnight on campus.
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    Agree with 21MomSalute, it is great for the appointees to attend. It was also nice for us parents as we met other parents of the future CG family. We all stayed at local hotels and met up for dinner.
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