Academy Hopeful Says Hello


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Feb 11, 2009
Hey everyone, I am TruBlu. I am an academy hopeful, not really a specific one though. I favor the USMA and USNA, but I've still got some time to decide where I want to be headed. I am a third year AFJROTC cadet and soon to be Coast Guard Auxiliary member. And that about covers it for now! :wink:
Welcome to the site! You've just found one of the best resources possible in you hunt for an appointment and life as a cadet/mid.
Thanks guys! Hopefully I will be able to find out exactly what I need to do to get accepted. In only about a month I'll begin talking with my state's congressmen and see if I can't pull out a nomination early. But that's a discussion for another thread I suppose. Thanks for the warm welcome though!