Acceptable Boots


Jul 21, 2016
Can anyone give me a list of the acceptable boots for CBT 2021? I am class of 2022, and I want to buy a pair of boots now to prepare myself with rucks. I am assuming that most of the boots (at least the common ones) should remain the same? Thank you. Also, since the Army is still switching over from ACU to OCP, I was wondering if the boot color should be Desert Tan/Sand colored or Coyote Brown?
You will receive a boot letter/communication soon that will give you all the details. Don't purchase until you read the boot letter. Best of luck!
I don't remember what boots were on the list exactly, but I know they will have to be Coyote Brown since you get issued OCPs. Also ACUs stands for Army Combat Uniform and is not a pattern, the pattern that we are transitioning from is UCP (urban combat pattern). Not trying to be a know it all, but the more you know.
I know your excited but just let the process work. You will get a letter soon that specifies what type and color you will need for Beast. You will only have 2 or 3 choices. Once Beast is over, you will be able to pick anything that meets the regulation.