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Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by Stepherz, Jan 13, 2013.

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    As far as notification goes, does the Admissions Office normally call the Applicant, do they find out via mail, from the Nominating authority, or from the Portal? Or does it always vary?

    We found out about ds's acceptance from the Congressman's Office last Thursday, but the portal doesn't say "Principal". Our portal went from "Application on File" to blank last week. We haven't actually heard anything from the USMMA about ds's acceptance, but apparently there is a loa in the mail. I am super excited, but a little bit skeptical until we actually hear/see something from the USMMA.

    I was curious how the applicant is normally informed of their acceptance, it might help some folks that are waiting on the edge of their seats, pacing circles around their mailboxes, or being startled everytime the phone rings. :)

    Also, if anyone reads this that was offered the NMMI Prep Slot when they were embarking on this journey with the USMMA, and you wouldn't mind mentoring a newby-- will you message me?
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    For us the portal went blank while being updated. We were never notified by phone or by anyone else besides the academy by mail. I think those who hear the news via their nomination source get a fun phone call. Good luck to those waiting. Keep those updates going in to admissions as they come about such as grades, a sports achievement or civic honor.

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