Accepting an ROTC Scholarship (all 3)


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Feb 1, 2009
I have been accepted to both NROTC and AROTC (while AFROTC is still pending) and both of them want a paper back saying that I am accepting or declining the scholarship. I was wondering if I was able to accept both NROTC and AROTC because the NROTC application says even if I send the paper in saying I accept the scholarship I am still not obligated to do it. If this is the case with NROTC, is this also the case with AROTC? I don't want to send in both of them accepting the scholarship and have both of them get invalidated. The reason I would like to accept both is because both have different waiver programs and if I was to get a Navy waiver for my eyesight, there's no guarantee I'll get one from the Army. Any answer would be appreciated, thanks all.
I seem to remember reading something about accepting multiple scholarships on the AFROTC website; they d'q you.

Search everywhere for any info: make sure you know the consequences before you take any action. Good luck! :redface:
If you need a medical waiver, then you are not medically qualified.
How can you accept a scholarship if you haven't been medically qualified? You can't . You are being offered a Conditional scholarship - therefore you accept it conditionally.

Accept them both until you have the official offer and sort it out later.
I am medically qualified or so my Army scholarship status says and have been granted a waiver by the Army. All of the waiver's are independent so even if the Army is telling me I am medically qualified it doesn't mean the other services agree.