Access to your Service online library - retirees too

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    This was mentioned in passing in another forum, but it’s a great benefit for anyone holding a CAC card or has a DS login (retired).

    First, create an account at your service online library. The NavyMarine/CG is just below, and I’ve pasted in the info on other services and DS login how-to.

    Here’s info on other services and DOD, and the how-to for a DS logon for non-CAC card holders who are eligible:

    Who is authorized to use the Navy MWR Digital Library?

    US Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard:

    Active duty, retired, and Reservist members and their dependents
    Civilian and Non-Appropriated Fund Employees
    Contractors if eligible for MWR privileges
    If you are aligned with the Army or Air Force, your digital libraries are located at:


    Air Force: local AF library

    DoD service members &

    Choose Login method: Common Access Card (CAC) or DS Logon.
    Note: DS Logon is only available for those 18 and over. Minors must use their sponsor's credentials.

    Get a DS Logon or reset your password:

    The second piece is downloading the free Overdrive iOS app (would assume other major smartphones would have) to your device and searching/saving your local library (if it is a digital participant) and your Service online library.

    Third, after making it through the slightly klunky set-up, enjoy!

    I have used Overdrive and Cloud Library apps for several years with the Annapolis Library to ensure I would always have books handy on my iPhone and iPad. I finally added the Navy library and appreciate the range of pro reading they carry. It’s not my favorite way to read, but it’s certainly convenient.
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    I have done this for a umber of year. My local public library is tied into a countywide e-network for both e-books and audiobooks and then the Navy digital library came online with similar offerings. It is a great benefit, especially when travelling or in the hospital/recovery and not able to carry sometimes heavy books around.
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