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I have received a four year rotc nursing scholarship and am waiting for my exam. I had ACL reconstruction over a year ago and am completely healed/ released for activity. I also have had eczema since I was like 3 but haven’t had any symptoms in 3 years. It was very mild and I literally only got it on a tiny spot on my arm. Also, I had a really long period 3 yrs ago one time, went to doctor and they said I had a tiny ovarian cyst that just burst on its own (all is good basically). Since these issues are obviously going to raise concern, should I come to my exam with paper work from my doctors saying all is good, or just wait until they request for it? Also, I can’t really find much info on ovarian cysts, does anybody know if the issue itself is disqualifying?
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ACL reconstruction over 12 months with release to full activity is not disqualifying and does not require waiver. Can't help with the other two items.


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My DD was cleared for the ovarian cysts. She takes birth control to keep them from coming back and she just had submit medical documents and was cleared. This was for AFROTC.