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    Hi I am a candidate for USMA 2021

    I go to high school in Anne Arundel County in Maryland. I think that my ECAs and sports are great for the academy (PM me if you want specifics) but I think what is going to hurt me are my ACT scores.

    English: 30
    Math: 31
    science: 29
    English/Writing: 26
    Writing: 23

    I checked the average on the USMA website and the my scores below average are the Reading and writing. The issue is that average is for the entire class not just a single state. I feel that the average is higher in MD because I have been told it is more competitive here. I am taking the ACT in september focusing on the reading, science and writing sections more. Does anyone know the average ACT score in MD?

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    I wouldn't worry so much on the average ACT/SAT test scores from your local area or compared to the last class. What is more important in getting your scores as high as possible. You need to get your WCS as high as possible in the advent your wait listed. The only way to be high on the list is to have a strong WCS.

    Take the ACT/SAT as many times as possible. WP super scores, in other words takes your highest scores. I have found after taking the standardized test you peak at your 3rd or 4th test. Then you'll need to seek coaching to understand the technique on taking these tests.

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