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    I have just went through 8 pages and didn't see so I am asking.

    What were the minimum and average ACT/SAT scores and GPA for admission/appointment last year? My son is in the process of applying for AFROTC and NROTC, but I started thinking, if it's not to late he should apply for an appointment.

    Does he have to apply to the Academy and get an appointment also?

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    USAFA does have minimum requirements, but your son (DS) should strive for well beyond the mins. The data from the current candidate catalog lists the following:

    academic data
    Test (Mid 50% Range) Mean
    ACT English (27-32) 30
    ACT Reading (28-33) 31
    ACT Math (28-33) 30
    ACT Science Reasoning (27-32) 30
    SAT Verbal Aptitude (590-680) 641
    SAT Math Aptitude (630-710) 672

    If your DS has an interest in USAFA or Annapolis, he should open an Application on the appropriate website. It is not too late, but there are plans that need to be made: when to apply for nominations, taking the physical fitness tests, etc. It is NOT any easy process. Best wishes and ask any and all questions that you or your DS has.:thumb:
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    EDIT: Looks like Dad beat me to it. I'll leave the link for you in case you would like to read the catalog, though. :smile:

    Academic Data for 2011-2012:
    Test Middle 50% of application score range, Average/Mean
    ACT English 27-32, 30
    ACT Reading 28-33, 31
    ACT Math 28-33, 30
    ACT Science Reasoning 27-32, 30
    SAT Verbal Aptitude 590-680, 641
    SAT Math Aptitude 630-710, 672

    Per USAFA 2011-2012 Catalog pg. 9
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    cd67 - My advice would be to apply. The worst that can happen is that your DS doesn't get an appointment. Check out for application, nomination, and appointment requirements. If he is below mins in only a few academic areas, USAFA Prep may also be an option. For that, you follow the same process as USAFA and the USAFA Admissions team makes the call on USAFA or USAFA Prep or even Falcon Foundation Scholarship. Even if the answer is no appointment, it is a huge growing process for a young high school student to have to write letters to their Senators and Congress Person.

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