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    Hi, I have taken the SAT and ACT a few times and my best scores came up to:

    SAT Math: 700
    SAT Reading: 600
    SAT Writing: 630

    ACT Math: 33
    ACT English: 33
    ACT Reading: 28
    ACT Science: 26

    During my ALO interview, he told me that the Academy does not look at SAT Writing.
    If a person can choose to take only the SAT, how influential is the ACT Science section?
    Also what are the priority sections on the ACT for USAFA admission?

    Thank you in advance! :thumb:
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    I do not know the internal breakdown for admissions.

    There are two things I do know that are extremely relevant.
    1. The academy superscores. Whatever your best scores are on each test, those are the ones they look at.
    2. Math and Science are big concerns. There is a reason every graduate gets a B.S. rather than a B.A. You can expect a very heavy math, science, and engineering curriculum, even if you major in English or History. The main classes for academic probation are usually freshman chemistry and math, sophomore physics, and astro.
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    I remember on the Naval Academy admissions portal they only displayed ACT Math and English scores. I think it's safe to assume USAFA also thinks those are the two important ones.

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