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    I have been reading the forums for quite a few months now and was curious about ACT Scores. My Son is an official candidate for the USNA, he has completed his application, did well on his CFA, Passed DODMERB and has received a nomination from his Congressman. The only item I am worried about is his ACT Score, he received an overall score of a 29, with a Math score of 29 and a verbal score of 31. Are these acceptable scores? I have been reading on the forums and there are higher scores posted. Does he have a good chance of receiving an appointment? BTW he is retaking the ACT in December, is this going to be too late to receive an appointment?
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    Acceptable, decent, pretty good, not great, not bad. The standardized math score is the single most heavily weighted item in the WP scoring, so the better one does ... well the better the score. Good to retake. Only possibility is to enhance his candidacy. Encourage lots of practice examining before testing. Knock this one outta the park. Even now his candidacy would seem to be fair. btw, the overall is inconsequential. USNA does not even consider that. The ACT'll not be too late to be considered nor will it be late for the appointment process. Seems like he's well along in the process with all positive indicators. None really could give you a credible answer about your question of "Does he have a good chance of receiving an appointment." If you're a person of faith, pray. If you're not, you're on your own, of course. What's your state?
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    No one on here can evaluate your son -- we don't know many different things in your son's application package. Those ACT scores may or may not be "good enough." USNA accepts multiple tests and only takes the best scores, there is no harm in re-taking and there is (obviously) room for improvement with your son's current scores. Just because it is the heaviest weighted item on the multiple, honestly, doesn't necessarily mean anything or everything.

    Also, no one can determine the state of your son's "candidacy." Let's stop giving opinions, because no one knows what the Admissions Board will decide with each candidate.
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    We Live in Kentucky.
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    Where do I start??? My DD received her appointment to USNA 2016 last night! We are beside ourselves and she is humbled. Let me answer your impossible-to-answer question with something still even more confusing to us. Our DD has been at this dream since she was 10. I don’t mean, she simply SAID I want to go to a service academy, I mean she took the bull by the horn and created a list of academic, leadership, and athletic things to do and set out vigorously to do each and every one of them. To be honest, her dream was and still is West Point, but is honored Navy appointed her and will proudly serve her country in the Navy if Army doesn’t call by 1 May. Here is her profile:

    Academics: ACT 28 (she received her USNA LOA with a 24)
    Class rank: 27/489
    GPA 3.666

    Leadership: Girl Scout Silver and Gold Award
    Girl State
    County Junior Leadership
    Student Body President (Secretary 11th)
    Wing Commander AF JROTC (Distinguished with Honor)
    President National Honor Society
    President Junior Civitan
    Captain Varsity Cross Country Team 2 Years
    Captain Varsity Track Team 2 Years
    Cadet of the Year AF JROTC 10th grd
    Cadet Officers Leadership School 2 Years Awarded Best in Flight 9th, Cadre Sqdrn Cmdr 10th
    Attended Summer Seminars at USMA, USAFA, and USNA. (She did VERY well on the CFA at each Seminar!)
    Vice President of Beta Club

    Athletics: High CFA Score!
    Gold Medal AF JROTC PT Test 2 yrs (Perfect Score)
    Varsity Letter winner XC-5 Letters MVP, Track-1 Letter

    Work Experience: Babysitting: Her 19 year old sister is severely handicapped and requires constant care. She is the best helper we could possibly ask for and we love her dearly for this.

    This probably confuses you more, but it is where we are and we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world….Except an appointment from ARMY! But for now…Go NAVY!!!!!!!!!
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    Definitely not too late. 29 and 31 are certainly not bad, but not shockingly good either- I know someone with an LOA with 36 composite- nothing less than a 35 on ALL sections.

    Improving scores will is a good investment to give that bump up.
    I was probably more of an academic person/leader vs an athlete/leader but apparently USNA liked it- LOA'ed on 10/26.
    Also USNA does seem to be ok with B's in AP/IB classes. No need to freak out about your non-4.0 GPA.

    My stats
    ACT- 35/33- math/english
    ranked 7/266, 3.71/4.7

    Eagle Scout- held positions for over 5 years, Vigil honor (mentioned on app as pending) Palmetto Boy's State, AF JROTC officer, NHS, did JV soccer, ran XC (no varsity letter at the time, but earned it now)

    passed CFA with mediocre scores (compared to what I can do now)
    no nom yet..............

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