ACT test scores uploading problems?


Oct 8, 2015
My DD requested her scores from the ACT folks on 12/27 and they still haven't shown up yet in the
Scholarship Selection/Placement System as of 1/17. Anyone else experience a similar problem. Thanks -
My daughter's were loaded quickly. Is there a "your account" section you can link to to check the status?
How did you upload them? Did you send them to the recruiter? Didn't realize that option existed. Once the application was submitted it didn't seem like you could go back and change/modify it.
You plug in the ROTC code in the ACT website, just you do to send scores to colleges.
@SYDad I'm sorry I didn't see your question early. There is a tab called File Upload on the Army ROTC application website..... the same place he uploaded his transcript, resume, letters of recommendation, PFA results. Do you see that or have you worked this out?