Mar 3, 2017
For some reason my math ACT score isn't improving 25. Every other category is 32. I have done much better on SAT 690 Math and 700 English. Will the Academy ignore my ACT and focus on SAT scores. The reason I ask I can only afford one tutor/class and you need to specify ACT or SAT. I was looking for advise on best strategy. Keep improving SAT or focus on bringing ACT up. I feel more comfortable with the SAT. Thanks for your help.
You only need one. I was MUCH better at the SAT than the ACT so I only took the ACT once, never tried again
ACT is designed to reflect what you have learned and retained; SAT is designed to reflect your aptitude for future learning. [I cannot explain the subtleties involved.]

SAs will consider both but do 'superscore' so best results on SAT should help your cause.

As stated above if you see a systematic advantage in SAT then study hard on practice test materials and retake SAT multiple times.

DS tanked ACT writing twice [2nd much worse than first] but excelled on SAT essay score. It happens and is often due to the nuances in the design of the test; not necessarily your abilities. [DS appointed to 2 SAs.]