You're not going to like this answer and think I'm being cute, smug, or sarcastic...but the truth is, I'm not. It's 36.

You can search about averages, the class profile and who's gotten in with 28's and who's not with 35's but it matters not. Your objective is to shoot for the stars...and that's not a cliche.
And take and retake and retake some more. They super score and the better the numbers to pick from the better! and yes, Sydney C. is right, 36 should be your goal. Mediocrity is not something to aspire to.
I've posted this on another thread too - I got a 35 on the ACT on my first attempt and got waitlisted, and my friend who graduated last year superscored a 32 and got into the Foundation Program (he will join the class of 2021). Just as the others said, aim for the best score you can get.
I think what I am trying to ask is what is the norm for an ACT at USNA?