Additional Letters of Recommendation


Nov 22, 2016
Hello all! I have finished roughly 70% of my application and have just scheduled my BGO interview. As I am awaiting my two teacher recommendations to be completed I have looked to include two-three additional letters of recommendation. Do I need to have them mail it to the admissions office in a sealed envelope? Also, what are the things they want from these additional recommendations? Thanks so much!
I know you can't read them yourself, but if you're going to send additional LOR's, try to make sure they include information that's not found on your information. Allow Admissions to learn a more personal side of you, so that your application is more than a stack of papers. They do not want to read that you're "involved in many clubs" when it's blatantly stated on your application. It's just extra paperwork for them.

Best of luck!
This has been covered pretty well in the past.

Be very judicious about additional LOR's for USNA.

BGO's have stated that additional LOR's are an exception and not the rule. Submit such letters only if they bring new and significant information to light.

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