ADHD & joining the reserves.


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May 21, 2020
After reading several posts of ADHD many advised this was the place to ask questions about it. I'm 36 & was taking meds for ADHD. I stopped over 16mts ago, I did this to pursue the military. I had attempted to join the Airforce reserves but was advised I couldn't join unless I was 2 yrs off of meds. I have a clean record, last speeding ticket was 10 yrs ago, work a full time job, two associate degrees, going to school & I have my paramedic & fire certifications. I will graduate w/ a BS in psychology w/ a minor in biology. Literally, everything looks great for one exception, the medication and astigmatism that is not that bad. I'm super healthy. I've got a son & a bun in the oven right now. My motivation to join the military is strong but I'm scared that this dream won't become reality. I'm looking for some guidance to joining. The questions are in relation of obtaining a waiver for ADHD after I hit my 2 yr mark. I know military looks at ADHD as a condition that would interfere w/ military operations b/c of the likelihood of impulsivity. I have felt that I have proven myself for a long time that I would make a great soldier. As an adult I only took medication for about 4 yrs. I've been a paramedic for 10 yrs now. Can any of you wonderful folks guide me to understand this process & what I need to do to get a waiver to get in?

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May 31, 2008
To give you a personalized response, send me an email:; provide complete name and last 4; paste your posting above to the email and I'll get back with you to start the dialogue :wiggle: