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    My son is planning on VMI or Norwich. He was accepted at both. He received an academic scholarship to Norwich. He received an ADHD diagnosis at 5 years old..(dangerously wild child)..kept him out of school till age 6..(flunked the entrance exam at private school at 5..tested 2+ years behind age level) so we put him on meds, became educated on how to teach him to focus. Long story short we got him up to speed in that extra year prior to starting school and were able to "low dose" his meds because we learned some really effective behavior modification skills that he has learned to self impose over the years. He has excelled academically. Never missed the honor roll. When he was 14 he started talking military/engineering. Found out that he needed to be off meds a year prior to military physical so he stopped 2 years ago. He may not have an ROTC scholarship but is planning/hoping to still go active duty eventually. His grades never changed after stopping the meds and he has never had a behavior problems. He never was allowed to use it as an excuse. I'm told that because he may not be "contracted" right away that the detachment at the school will see to his physical after he arrives. Is that true? And will he need a waiver or does he meet the standard without one?
    Thank You.
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    In my waning moments on the Forums, send me your posting; complete name and last 4 SSN to I can assist U better from there:thumb:

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