Admin remedial: Pilonidal cyst


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Sep 17, 2008
My son received a letter today regarding his DODMERB exam asking for administrative remedial regarding a pilonidal cyst identified during the exam. The request is to provide all applicable inpatient or outpatient records, operative reports, anesthesia records, etc. regarding the cyst. He has never had any treatment for the cyst, which he was born with and I understand is a common occurrence. Two questions: Do we just send a letter stating that there has never been treatment or need for treatment for his pilonidal cyst? Is this something that would disqualify him for admission at the US Naval Academy?

Thanks for your assistance.
@ 0749 MDT yesterday, we asked you for the last 4 of your sons SSN, so we could more accurately answer your question. I know you didn't respond to me yet, but I can't say for certain that you answered my staff as I am in Boston.

Just wanted to close this case: We ended up having our son visit his physician who has known him since birth. She provided documentation for DODMERB that the condition is not a pilondial cyst but actually a pilondial dimple. It took several weeks before we received a response that he was QUALIFIED for USNA and USMA.

Both Larry and Matt were extremely helpful in giving direction on how to navigate the DODMERB process. If only other processes had valuable guides like them!
We are glad you provided us the opportunity to assist and even happier of the favorable outcome...CONGRATS:thumb:
Is there ever a waiver given for a wrist cyst? My daughter had an active cyst in May. Saw the Dr. and he did the xrays and ultra sound. Told her how to work around and strengthen it. She has been doing crossfit and has been feeling much better. Rarely has any issues. Only takes Ibuprofen PRN. I spoke with the DoDmerb medical specialist and felt very deflated. What should we expect now? Currently just starting the DQ process......