Admissions Funny


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Feb 6, 2017
DS went to visit his counselor today to adjust his concurrent enrollment for college classes and his counselor came out with a scolding look on her face. She loves my kid and loves teasing him so I was wondering...

"I can't believe you and your Navy Air Force admissions thing. I had to come in fill out this pesky school profile and this atrocious recommendation thing and I came in to work on summer break just because I love you, and then when I get to work, on my vacation, I go to the website and all these governmental cookies and tickets and warning lights start blinking at me and I think IT is coming to arrest me. So I called the Admissions Office, feeling like a felon, and they let me fax your Navy Air Force... thing... and here I am thinking my computer is hacked by the Russians... all because I love studenta like you... even on vacation!"

DS's face went from embarrassed to really embarassed. :D

God bless every counselor and teacher who filled out paperwork over the summer!