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    My DD will be attending Cadet for a Day on October 25th. With the Early Action Deadline of October 15th, should she request an admissions interview prior to our visit, or will it be okay to schedule it during the time she will be at the CGA on 10/25?
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    She can wait until she's on campus and have the interview during CFAD. She can even let her Admissions Officer know that she'll be doing the interview at that time and he/she should be able to hold her record, just in case it's scheduled for review prior to the interview, to ensure it's reviewed after the interview is processed.
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    Admissons Interview

    My DS and I drove over to Orlando two years ago to have an interview prior to a USCGA presentation at a hotel. The interview, according to my DS, went well and he is currently in the class of 2015. I do remember that the USCGA Admissions person, who was presenting to the assembly, stated that an interview was not required. He inferred that if someone was not a good interviewee they should second quess requesting an interview. Just a little info..... Hope it goes well for you!

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