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Sep 29, 2007
Does anyone know what the avg. high school weighted GPA is of accepted students to USNA?
Admissions does not use the GPA they use class ranking and national test (ACT/SAT) scores.
You can see this at the admssions section of the USNA website. Look under Class 2011 profile. My mid was ranked in the top fifth of his class and scored a 31 on his ACT. Good luck.
can I be confident academically for USNA admissions in the 11 percentile and with a 1470 SAT in all honors and APs?
Looks good. How abought your whole package? Academics is only one part of what admissions look at. Good Luck.
Is the SAT 1470 just for Math and CR? Those are the only scores USNA looks at.
NCAND2012, you use the term "academically". When you go before the board, if you are qualified, it will be called scholastically qualified. However, it will cover your entire package within the exception of medical. We never know exactly what causes a candidate to be either qualled or not qualled. 2011DAD is correct. The entire remainder of your package is important and plays a huge part. There are 1470 SATs who do not get in. The Academy looks at the whole person. We will not see your recommendations or ECs. Get everything in. Don't exaggerate but be complete. Good luck.
MY SAT is 760 math, 710 verbal, and I received 5/5 on the AP US, Biology and English Language/composition exams, this year I am taking AP Calculus, AP economics, AP Physics, H. Latin II and world Literature
I am Vice President of my 1600+ student body, have been an alter server at my church for 9 years and am involved in the parish youth group, play third trumpet in a nationally recognized, audition based jazz band at my high school which is touring Europe in April. I've been captain of my high school swim team for two years, and have been awarded MVP, all academic team and all conference team since sophomore year. I performed very well on the CFA (maxed situps and the mile), attended summer seminar 2nd session and dodmerb just recently received and processed my medical exam, but I'm waiting on the results...
You are too good to be true! (Just kidding! :biggrin:) You are in for a great ride. Good luck and stay ahead of the deadlines!
My last piece of the application was finished on September took the guidance office a while to get my transcript down to Annapolis
Great job on the SAT's - the only reason I asked is that a lot of kids are now combining all three scores and it can get a little confusing.

Now go get a nomination! Apply to all sources for which you qualify. Good Luck!