Admissions Updates


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Sep 11, 2015
How often should Admissions be updated on senior year achievements? Should an email be sent with each new achievement because candidates never know when they will be boarded? Or should they go periodically as a list (as to not be overwhelming)? Any advice would be appreciated!
Our DS/DD would send updates on significant achievements like earning a Black Belt, elected Pres of NHS, etc. When sending updates, proof needs to be included such as a certificate or verification from a H.S. Counselor. I personally wouldn't advise Applicants to send minor things like - volunteered 4 hours for xx or won a debate or ??.
At least when I applies two years ago, it was my understanding that your application went before a board each time you updated it, even if it had already gone before. I would confirm that or ask that other posters confirm, but if that's the case then a periodic update would be more than acceptable.
The "board" is not like a traditional admissions board where they vote yes or no and yes votes are followed by an offer. Think of the board more qualifying your application then it moves to the next step. You have to be approved by the board (This is the 3Q you hear about), obtain a nomination and pass the medical review. The board considers hundreds of candidates before they have nominations or completed DodMERB. Once those three requirements are met, admissions works to see if you can be slotted against an available opening. If your MOC nominates 10 individuals, all of them could be qualified by the board but only one person is guaranteed an appointment as long as they are have a nomination and pass the physical.

You can update significant accomplishments as they progress but do one last update towards the end of the process.