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    I am a 20 year old Community College student from Connecticut looking for admission to an Academy/Military School. I have a 3.35 GPA with one full year complete. I work at a yacht club and operate boats on a daily basis, as well as a marina on LI Sound doing the same. I am a hard and diligent worker and can obtain multiple letters of reference stating so, a few of which will be from prior service officers. I am an avaid sailor and am comfortable on the water. I have also been a certified Lifeguard for 4 years as well as a certified EMT-B for 3. My SAT score was an 1100. I have had only one incident with the law (2 Misdemeanors), which were dismissed due to my otherwise perfect record. Again I can obtain multiple character references as well to vouch for my past discrepancies. What would be best for my situation? Which school could accommodate me best? Any insight to my predicament would be much appreciated.
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    You sound like you really are interested in a maritime related career but at a military college environment. Have you looked into New York or Mass Maritime? You are treated as an instate Cadet at NY and as an in-region Cadet at Mass Maritime.
    The state Maritime colleges are really pretty unique places. They are military programs- not as all encompassing and strict as VMI or the Citadel are- but still far more regimented than a traditional college program.
    There you will have programs that if you want- will lead to professional licenses as 3rd Mates/3rd AEs in the US Merchant Marine with commissioning opportunities in the USN as well as the US Army and a Direct Commissioning path into the USCG. Additionally- you will have the chance for some pretty unique experiences- for example right now the Cadets at SUNY Maritime at Ft Schuyler are on their 2 month summer training cruise aboard the TS Empire State and will be calling at ports from Denmark to Greece. Last winter while we were suffering thru the snowfall from hell here in Massachusetts- the cadets at MMA were on cruise in the Caribbean.
    Based on what you have written you might be a very good fit at one of them- give them a look: Maritime/Summer Sea Term/index.aspx

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