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    I'm looking into going back to school, and doing ROTC. I've had trouble finding a direction, and I really feel this is what I want to do. I'm 23 years old, and at this point considered a non traditional adult learner by my university of choice. They offer both AROTC and AFROTC. I'm leaning toward AROTC. The AROTC at my university is under a partnership program with GA Tech, and not there own from what I understand. Is there any negative to that? My original plan was to enlist, and later go Green to Gold, but lately I feel like I'd rather just do ROTC now. I'm looking for advice for my situation, and also SMP vs getting a scholarship later down the line. I know I'm not a good candidate for a scholarship right now. I'm a good student, and am looking at a STEM major. I would hope to be able to compete for a scholarship in later semesters. I'm only a second semester freshman.

    I like many want to ultimately serve AD. I'm interested in doing SMP, but I'm worried about being stuck in the reserve. It would also take away my chances of enlisting AD if I for some reason can't succeed at ROTC. I have faith in myself, but that's still an important point as reserve to AD is difficult if something happened. The other pros to doing SMP in my situation would be health insurance for my family, GI Bill, and of course the experience.

    Some questions I have are if I want to go AD, am I allowed the GI bill kicker? I think I read No, but still want to clarify. When would be the best time to join the reserve, and fit in IET? I was thinking after MS1, so basically next summer/fall. In my situation would you recommend working towards the 2/3 yr scholarship or SMP? Advice to stay competitive for AD other then PT, and a STEM major or other general advice on my situation greatly appreciated. Thank you

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