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    I have been lurking for a long time and have received great information from this forum - Thank you to all!

    Before getting to my questions here are my stats:

    (Grade Received - A or H or AP) A=Accelerated Colleg Prep, H=Honors, AP=Advanced Placement
    Grade 09 10 11 12
    Math (90-A) Algebra (82-A) Geometry (87-A) PreCalc (?-A) Calculus
    English (82-H) Eng-1 (90-H) Eng-2 (77-AP) Eng-3 (?-AP) Eng-4
    Science (87-A) Science (85-H) Bio/Lab (78-H) Chem/Lab (?-A) Physics-1

    History & (82-H) WorldCiv (90-A) USHist-1 (80-AP) USHist-2
    Social Studies (78-AP) USGov (?-AP) Psych
    Language (84-H) Spanish-1 (81-H) Spanish-2

    AFJROTC Class (96-x) AeroSCi-1 (98-x) AeroSci-2&3 (98-x) AeroSci-4 (?-x) Aero-Sci-5
    Leadership: Seargent Flight commander Corps Vice Commander

    Sports: Baseball-JV Baseball-JV Baseball-V Baseball-V (Captain?)
    Soccer-JV Soccer-V Soccer(Out) Soccer-V
    Travel Teams for Both Sports - Basically only off Dec thru Mid Feb

    CFA: Haven't officially taken, practice is generally @ max with two events @ approx 85% of Max

    Com Svc: Annual Average 1-2 hours per week and worked every summer since Grade09

    UnWGPA: 3.29 after Junior Year, estimate finishing HS between 3.29 - 3.45
    Rank: 23% (Competitive HS? Annually ranked in Wash Post & Newsweek; guessing HS is in top 10-20% of all HS in the U.S.)

    ACT: Took ACT 5 times (Prepping on my own) Test 5 Results are not available until 11/12; will take 6th in Dec
    Test 4 26-Math (Tests 1-3 progressed from 19 to 22)
    Test 4 20-Eng (Tests 1-3 progressed from 16 to 20)
    SAT: Took SAT twice with no prep to determine which test I have aptitude for - Prefer ACT (SAT Scores 1400 - about 450E-500M per section)

    MOC Status: Application packages submitted; interviewed and rejected a Nom by one Senator waiting for interviews by the other & Congressman


    (1) I have not initiated my prelim application for USNA because I thought the minimum ACT-Eng was 21 to receive a candidate #.
    Is that correct? Or do my stats suggest I will get the candidate #? Should I do my prelim now, or wait until after my 11/12 scores come in?

    (2) If I do not get past the prelim application do I still have a shot at NAPS or sponsored prep school?

    (3) Should I try to contact my BGO for assistance?

    In addition to my questions any additional advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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