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    I am currently a junior in hs and I think that I may have two possible disqualifiers.
    Firstly when I was 14 my doctor had refered me to a specialist for a possible asthma case. The specialist was not positive whether or not if I had any form of asthma but gave me a rescue inhaler just case. It was not a definite case but I am not sure what I should tell them at my exam.
    The second problem I am facing is that between the 3rd and 6th grade I had some anxiety issues. I was on some medication up until the 10th grade (however it was small doses). I have not had any issues since the 6th grade and I would hate for the issues I had in elementary school to prevent me from passing my exam.
    Besides the medical issues I am a fully qualified candidate. 3.9 GPA, 4.4 Weighted GPA, Various Leadership Positions, and Varsity Athletics.
    Anybody who could help thanks.
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    Cut and paste your posting; send me your full name and last 4 SSN; to Also, which Academies and/or ROTC programs are U interested in? I can assist U better from there.:thumb:

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