AF ROTC Scholarship offered


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Dec 17, 2008
I have been checking online for the past week and today I finally saw "scholarship offered" on the AFROTC website. I was very excited and I tried calling in to see if I could find out what kind it was and 3 different times today I got the answering machine :frown:. Finally at the end of the day I got connected with the office and asked what kind of scholarship I received to which the person replied "Type 1 technical" and I went :eek: and then :biggrin:. I was originally only planning on applying to the AFA but someone at my CAP squadron recommended I apply to AFROTC and see what happens. Now I have to wait to hear from the academy but meanwhile its nice to know that I won't have to pay for college :smile:(provided I don't do anything stupid).
If you don't mind Will, will you post some of your stats? I certainly thought I was under the impression that I am qualified enough be offered something... I still may, but I must wait some more.

Congratulations though! What's your school in case AFA does not work out?