Affirmitive action at USAFA

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    I'm a 17 year old female looking into applying at the USAFA. I'm half Asian and half Hispanic. I know this might sound bad and I hate that it's such a thing, but if it benefits you, why not? Does USAFA have affirmative action? I maintain high B's and a few A's in my classes and I'm enrolled in advanced placement classes. I've played softball since I was 7 and played up until freshman year, but had to quit because of knee problems. I was selected to join the Academy of Medical Professions at my high school. I'm a member of the national honor society. I've been playing violin, viola, and cello for about 7 years and participate in competitions and region orchestra. I am president of my schools orchestra. I created the Asian Junior Student Association at my school which brought people together through social events while also learning about different Asian cultures and also others around the world. I'm apart of the konnect club, which basically brings people together through community service. I'm apart of the empowerment club, which tries to promote equality among minorities and women. I also volunteer at the airport and around my school.
    would affirmative action work for me orrrrrr?
    I haven't take the SAT or ACT but should be doing so this summer

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    Affirmative Action


    My understanding is that all US service academies practice affirmative action policies.

    30 years ago, West Point was 99% white. Now, its around 80%.

    I'd post a link to the Wall St Journal article describing this, but the forum won't let me (too few posts).

    A quote:

    "Affirmative action began at the service academies in the 70s due to political pressure and a critical need to provide more diverse leaders in America's military. "You can't have increasingly black and Hispanic enlisted ranks," notes retired Gen. Dan Christman, former superintendent of West Point, "and not have black officers, lieutenants, captains and generals." In his Vietnam-era class of 1965, Gen. Christman recalls, there were only four African-Americans out of a class of 950."


    "To be sure, affirmative action, when it's rigid and turns into quotas, creates excesses and backlashes. There is a simple test: Has affirmative action made an institution better or worse? In most instances, whether it's the military (the most integrated institution in America), fire or police departments, newspaper offices and most certainly colleges and universities -- as demonstrated by the service academies and by the University of Michigan -- it clearly has been positive."

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    The prefered term is diversity.

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