Affordable bomber ?

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    "Now, with little public scrutiny or debate, the Air Force is developing a next-generation bomber that it promises to build with advanced technology at a fraction of the B-2’s cost. Few outside the Pentagon take the advertised sticker price of $550 million per plane, or $55 billion for a planned fleet of 100, at face value."
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    We could alays bring these back and they are really affordable. USS Los Angeles (ZR-3)

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    Check's in the mail. I believe the F35 was the affordable alternative to the F22 . A few more AirForce style bargains - $200 Million fighters and $1Billion bombers - We will have to cut Retirement, Commissary and healthcare privileges a whole bunch more to pay for that "peace of mind". But heck if they buy it I am sure that within 20 years of it being fielded it will be able to use the weapons that are fielded. (After all that is how long it will be for the F35 to be capable of performing the CAS mission.) Off we going into the wild bankupt yonder. This BTW is the military-industrial complex in action that Eisenhower warned of when he left office.
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