AFROTC Field Training and Summer Internship


Sep 4, 2021
I’m currently a AS200 cadet in AFROTC and plan on going to field training this summer (fingers crossed), but am also interested in working a summer internship in my degree field, mechanical engineering. I know a lot of companies required 10-12 full time weeks in the summer, but I’m wondering if they will make exceptions for field training. Does anyone have any experience trying to work a summer internship and going to field training?
I've had three kids go through Field Training. They also all did a Project Go trip. They were able to work it out so that their 8-week Project Go was at the start of the summer and they were assigned to one of the last Field Trainings.
Having said that, those two are ROTC related. I don't know how AFROTC would feel accommodating an internship. Plus, 10-12 weeks might take you outside the window of available Field Training slots.
Consider Project Go and aim for an internship after Junior year - they are great language/cultural immersion programs that also offer trips outside of the assigned city and/or country.
It would depend on the company if they will be OK with you being gone for summer training. I'm sure some do and some do not. I would look at the Project Go route as that seems to work better with summer training schedules.
Go for it! I was able to do it and it worked well. You get some preference on what MAX you attend, especially if you're in classes or have an internship. My FT summer, I took 2 classes and did an internship. Hopefully your internship will work with you and be flexible so I would highly recommended applying and worst-case scenario, you get the internship but can't do it due to FT. Best case, you get to do both.