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    So I had a question that I can’t seem to find an answer for.

    I know that if you fail to report a civil involvement, when your background check goes through for Security Clearance there could possibly be an investigation for disenrollment. However, let’s say someone on a scholarship and realizes a while after they contracted that they forgot to report a school involvement on a Form 35 when they contracted and are now officially contracted with no record of an involvement. Doing the right thing and reporting it will likely still lead to repercussions I assume. What kind of repercussions would this lead to? I wasn’t suspended from school and the whole situation essentially became a warning which is why I never thought about it, but I am certain I will still have some sort of repercussion even though it’s a voluntary report.

    Anyone have any experience or knowledge on this matter?
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    It will depend on the nature civil involvement. AFROTCI 36-2011 covers moral and civil involvements as well as investigations for disenrollment.
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    Are you the same user from the Reddit post? I reported a ticket and traffic stop (warning) that I forgot about which were recorded and that was it. By the time my security clearance started it was old news and all was fine. Of course it depends on the severity of the incident.