AFROTC Free Room and Board Schools


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Dec 25, 2016
Hi all,

I've been searching around and haven't found much about schools which provide free or discounted room and board for AFROTC scholars. I looked through the huge thread regarding this but found nothing on AFROTC. Any direction to helpful threads / info would be greatly appreciated.
I think most of the schools that offer free room and board for Army ROTC will offer it for Air Force ROTC. In any case, I don't believe 'the list' is updated or vetted, so don't take it as gospel. From personal experience, DS receives full room and board from Michigan Tech, but we were told it was limited to the first 12 scholarship cadets who enrolled at Tech (per year). It also means you go where they put you - last year, the dorms were overbooked and the ROTC students ended up in a hotel downtown for at least part of the year (we were told - DS is a freshman). When he did his interview at Michigan State, we were also told that room and board was covered. I'm not sure of the funding for that, I got the impression it was from former alumni.

No matter what, your best bet will be to narrow your school list down, then talk to the Recruiting officer of your chosen schools.