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    Hello all,
    I just recently took my AFOQT for the second time I passed but I didn't pass the Rated area. I really wanted to be a pilot but I must change that now.
    I just wanted to know what are my chances of getting an EA and what can I do to make myself more competitive? Should I double major in a language i.e korean chinese russian?
    I am an AS200 student
    Major= Communication
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    It's hard to tell who will get an EA and who won't, because so much of it is dependent on how many people they take. It may be a good year or a bad year; there's no way to really tell. All anyone can do is try to raise their chances as much as possible.

    You could add a language major, but really think that through. Korean, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc are all difficult. Not impossible, but not easy. Now, if you're an AS200, it's probably too late in the semester to add a language class to your schedule, especially an intro one. That means you'd need to start it next semester, and finish a critical language major in 2.5 years in addition to finishing out your primary major. Can you do that while maintaining or raising your GPA?

    The reason I say that is 3.0 is on the low end for non-tech majors (the average is around a 3.3 or 3.4 for non-tech majors, I believe).

    For right now, focus on improving what you can improve. Try to bump your PFA up to a 97 or above, try to raise your GPA, etc. How is your commander's ranking? Getting an EA is more than just a PFA and GPA score. If you think you can add a foreign language major (and you *want* to -- majoring in something you don't like is no good), go for it. But if adding a critical language major will drop your GPA below a 3.0, that doesn't sound like a good idea.
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    Hard to say as above posted pointed out...However, SWR/CC Col Staha visited a few CA dets & said EAs will be the same if not higher % for '16.
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    Starting a second major now would be hard to do. You could finish a minor, but it won't help you as far as competing for an EA goes. They don't care about 2nd majors or minors. And since it sounds like you haven't signed up for the class yet, it won't even help you as far as commander's ranking goes. You go up before the EA board in February, but you'll have just started the language in January so it's hardly something you can put on a resume. I'm double majoring in an engineering and Chinese. They only looked at my engineering degree when I went up for an EA. Chinese will help me when I'm going up for my AFSC, I always get A's in it so it helps boost gpa, and has helped my personal growth. Whether adding a language will help your gpa or hurt it is entirely up to you and how dedicated you are to learning the language. If you aren't in the class because you really want to learn you're going to have a hard time.

    You have a low gpa for a Comm major, do you think your study habits will make Chinese/Korean/Russian/Arabic/Japanese a plus for you or a minus? It's a lot of memorizing characters, pronunciations, and grammars in a short period of time. People who struggle with quick memorization tend to struggle learning at the pace they expect you to learn at in the more difficult languages. With all of the critical languages I named, you have to learn a new alphabet, some have thousands of characters.

    I don't want to scare you off from the prospect, I just want you to understand what you may be getting into. I love it, best decision I ever made. But I didn't do it as a last ditch effort, I knew going in as a freshman that language classes would help me stand out in AFROTC and in my career after the military. If you want to sign up next semester, good for you, I encourage you to go for it. But realistically, don't expect it to affect your EA chances because it won't. Focus this semester on pulling up your grades in the classes you're already taking.
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