AFROTC Minimum ACT Score Question


Feb 5, 2017
While in the midst of preparing for college, I decided that I will be doing ROTC in the fall. Since I was more focused on applying to SAs, I never applied for any ROTC scholarships. I plan on attending a 4 year college with hopes of receiving an in-college scholarship. My questions is, do you still need to have the minimum 26 ACT score to get an IN-COLLEGE scholarship for AFROTC? The officer at the AFROTC detachment I would be a part of said that the majority of kids who didn't come in with a scholarship end of getting one within their first two years. I'm wondering if that only pertained to the kids with above a 26 or if it was for everyone.

Thanks for the help
I have a friend who just received a 3.5 year non-tech in college scholarship. That individual had a ACT score lower then 26. However, they did very well in the detachment, so if you give ROTC all you got and really work hard you can still earn a scholarship.