AFROTC Moving Commission Date?


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Sep 28, 2014
Good evening!

So just a background: I am currently an AS300 in AFROTC and I am projected to commission in 2020. I am an electrical engineering major.

I want to move it to 4 years instead of 5 because I am on track for 4 years. The only issue is... if I fail this semester, I'd have no leeway. Therefore, if I change my graduation now, it's risky. However, if I wait until May to see my final grades, if I do well, I want to move it up to 4.

What are the chances that moving my graduation date up will be approved? Or rather, how difficult would it be? This would be towards the end of my AS300 year so going into AS400. We have not done any dream sheets or anything. I am worried that if it doesn't, I'd really just be taking 1 or 2 classes a semester my 5th year which isn't bad, but I'd just want to go into my career field at that point.
Can you split the difference and graduate in December of 2020?
I'm with eljay60. My DS was a 4.5 year engineering major on an AFROTC scholarship and loaded up on hours his first two years. As a junior it became apparent that he could accomplish his major in 4 years. He talked to the Cadre and came away with the feeling that it would be more of a hassle to try and move his graduation date up (AF red tape, etc...) and decided to stay at 4.5 years. He was able to take six hours last fall semester and still receive his scholarship (even though 6 hours is not considered full time). He relaxed, did a lot of service projects and enjoyed another football season. In hindsight, he was really glad he did it. He was able to exhale, recharge his batteries, and hit the ground running as he entered active duty. He's now at UPT at Laughlin and chomping at the bit for his May class to start. Take another semester and enjoy it if you can. If you're not on scholarship, I can certainly understand wanting to move your graduation date up though.