AFROTC Nurse Enrollment Allocation


Oct 12, 2016
I was awarded a type 7 AF scholarship. I'm a little worried about how the enrollment allocation works. Does anyone have experience as a nursing student trying to be selected for field training? I know it depends on the year and what the AF needs, and nobody can give definite #'s but are chances low even if you have good stats? Any insight would be appreciated.
Considering that the AF is supposedly 30,000 short in manpower, it would seem your chances are good (if you perform well). My family has heard something like 95% are making it to Field Training. That's anecdotal though from a detachment commander. Just do your best! And great career choice - my wife is a retired AF Nurse-Midwife. Good luck with your school applications.
Our Colonel broke down the EA numbers for us during our last AS class. I can't remember the exact number of total EAs for FT 2017, but it was just over 1900. I do however remember that the exact number of EAs for nurses this year is 55. I'm not sure how that compares to previous years but that at least gives you an idea.
@Laina26 Last semester I was told by a 300 that is also a nursing student like me that they had approximately 50 Nursing EA slots for her year. However, she mentioned they did not fill up all 50 slots.
Hello all,

By the time I select nursing for my enrollment allocation, I will not have started nursing school yet but would have been accepted to a nursing program at that time. Is that okay? Or do I have to be in nursing school to choose the nursing enrollment allocation and get into field training?
From what I read, nurses have the own type of track regarding field training. They are highly desired