Is there anyone who can shed light on the possibility of getting an AFROTC scholarship coming out of the first year at the academy? Are there any negative aspects they take away from your application because you dropped out? Are interviews still conducted in a different way? Any input would be appreciated thanks!


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Be honest and be able to explain yourself. The cadre realize that the academy is not for everyone. The fact of the matter is that life at the academy doesn't portray life on active duty. Your explanation should be positive and objective. You may not score a ROTC scholarship right away but it's doable. I know a couple of colleagues who've dropped out of the academy, enrolled in ROTC, and have led very successful military careers.
Having said this, give it a second thought before you drop out. You have very good thing going. There are people lined up to trade places with you--more than you know! Nothing in life is easy. Think of it this way: you're 25% complete. Why not go the distance instead of starting over?! Little pain now will pay big dividends in the future.
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