AFROTC questions


Jun 29, 2016
If an applicant is denied from USAFA and accepts an AFROTC scholarship, can he/she reapply to USAFA? If successful on the 2nd try, what happens to the AFROTC scholarship? Does it need to be repaid?

Would anyone know what a Type 7 Scholarship is currently worth in California? The language states "Pays college tuition up to the equivalent of a public school’s in-state rate and a book allowance." There are 2 public school systems in California with different tuition structures - UC and CSU. Which in-state rate would AFROTC award if the applicant takes a Type 7 to a private school?
Best I can give is an educated guess on how it works for Type 7 and those different tuition structures, but I'll leave it to Pima or one of the other more experienced AFROTC posters to give the correct answer.

I can, however, answer the USAFA question. You are able to reapply for the Academy your freshman year in AFROTC. Not just USAFA either, but any Academy. Pretty much every year, someone from my detachment has gone to one of the Service Academies. If successful, you lose the scholarship if you accept the appointment obviously, but you won't need to pay it back. Take a look back through some of the older posts on this forum using the search function since this question is asked pretty frequently if I recall.
I did reapply to USAFA as a freshman on AFROTC scholarship. My det was supportive of it, although I ultimately was not accepted to USAFA and commissioned via AFROTC in 2016. Perks of reapplying are that you can get another nomination thru ROTC and if you do well in your first semester of college, you’re a step ahead. Don’t discount AFROTC as an awesome way to commission though; I had a great experience and got to do a bunch of things I wouldn’t have had the chance to at USAFA. You might decide you love AFROTC ;)

For the type 7 scholarship question, during my time in the program I believe it paid up to $18K per year ($9K per semester) at an in-state school. If you wanted to use it at a private or out-of-state school you’d have to convert it to a three year type 2 scholarship, which would cover up to $18K per year starting sophomore year. The AFROTC website probably has all the details.